NEW: The Gospel of John in Russian Church Slavonic and Old Russian (pre-revolutionary).
Side by side Gospel account allows the reader to follow the Russian Church Slavonic (Church language) and the Old Russian language simultaneously.
A great way to learn to read the Church Slavonic.
Be sure to click on the text to see an amplified easier-to-read version.

[Note: I received the ancient Bible of the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) from a relative's wife in the Ukraine. She gave it to me as a gift last year (2007) when I was in Ukraine. I will scan and put the gospel of John online for scholars, church people, and curiosity seekers who are interested in seeing ancient manuscripts. This is the first time I've seen a book that puts the Church Slavonic text side by side with a Russian text. I saw lots of Church Slavonic texts, which I know how to read, but nothing like the book I'm presenting online for the first time. I would venture to guess that the book is probably from the mid-1800's.]

Author Paul J. Wigowsky
Freedom For an Old Believer, and other works

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