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Retired Teacher (Elementary, Middle Schools)
Present Occupation:  Traveler/Author
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Present Interests:
Being a grandfather to 2 lovely grand-daughters.
Returning to the "Eden at the End of the Rainbow" (i.e. Oregon).

In Honor of My Parents

Dedicated to Onisim & Eva Kowal & Family

Adolf (my brother) ,
"This is Your Life Album"

Alaska cruise with Adolf

Stanley Wigowsky Bio

Ukraine-Russia, 1989 (relatives)

PANAMA Vacation with Susie, 2013
-- Slideshow

Palm Springs, 42nd Anniversary, 2014

Our daughter Susie's Album:
Adventures in the Americas
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Paraguay-Colombia Picture Journal, 2015

East Coast Tour, 2016

Alaska - Princess Cruise with Adolf, 2017

Jamaica 2018

Viking River Cruise 2019

Short Stories, by PJWigowsky

In Search of Elvis: A Pilgrimage

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