George Washington High School, SF Murals

George Washington High School, SF murals

Educate or Erase?

GWHS videos about the Murals

Victor Arnautoff, muralist

Noah Griffin, OpEd

GWHS murals by Victor Arnautoff
Tammy Aramian's Photos

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Public viewing held for controversial mural at SF's GWHS, Aug. 1, 2019

The Mural Debate Rages On: Arnautoff Murals Opened Up For Public At George Washington High In SF (1:27:01)

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Coalition to Protect Public Art - the Murals

African American Muralist Dewey Crumpler & SF Black Leaders Defend Victor Arnautoff Murals At GWHS
African American muralist Dewey Crumpler and other African American leaders in San Francisco held a press conference on. 8/6/19 to defend the Victor Arnautoff murals about the life of George Washington at George Washington High School.

George Washington Murals - booklet by Paul J. Wigowsky

GWHS Murals Forum, Feb.22, 2020

UPDATE (June 23, 2022)
GWHS murals will remain

Press Release: SFUSD Won’t Appeal Superior Court’s Ruling
May 25, 2022
From the George Washington High School Alumni Association:
The Board of Directors of the George Washington High School Alumni Association is pleased with the decision of the San Francisco Unified School District Board of Education to accept the decision of the Superior Court and not to appeal the Court decision. The GWHS murals have been and remain a treasure for the entire community. We remain committed to the protection and preservation of these magnificent works of art. The Alumni Association will continue to work for the development of an educational curriculum to make the murals an integral part of the community for years to come.
“The Court finds that [SFUSD] ignored CEQA in pursuit of a pro-determined result: the administrative record is devold of evidence that [SFUSD] followed or even attempted to follow the requirements of the law. (Page 2, Lines 4-11. Judge Anne-Christine Massullo Final Ruling)
John Rothmann, President
Lope Yap, Jr., Vice President
George Washington High School Alumni Association