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NEW: Profiles ("Mini Life Stories") from 20th & 25th Reunions
[Provided courtesy of Ruth (Ragan, "Raggy") Hunter]

20th Reunion(1983) Profiles

25th Reunion(1988) Profiles

Web sites of Noah Griffin's life story
Artist's Journey with Noah Griffin
Black & White in 50s
55th Reunion - entertainer

Joel Hoyer's Life Story

Joel Hoyer's Art Studio

Ellen (Boyers) Kwatnoski,
Professional bio (web page)
Carol Arklind's Life Story (short version)

Carol (Grady) Arklind's Story (revised)
My Journey through Life

A Hip 4 Christmas
Mike Handlin (first draft)

Mike Handlin (revised)
The Life and Times of Bob Davis

The Life and Times of Bob Davis (pics)
Carol plays George Gershwin
Jack Rhine's Life Story

Ethel Digg's Life Story
"Posthumous" Life Story of Paul Tobias
Beth Wilson (Hammarstrom)
& Psychosynthesis
Life Story of Wings Hom
Life Story of Dan Yee

Teacher Appreciation Event
Celebration of Life, Obit
Life Story of Frank Meyskens
Memory of Robert Scardina
Memory of Isaac Huberman
Memory of Doris Alvarez
In Memory of Gayle (Abby) Hoover
In Memory of Norman Takahashi
In Memory of Chris Pray
In Memory of Wayne Williams

In Memory of Kenneth Matsuoka
Lela's Collages
In Memory of PhilipLorenzen
In Memoriam -- Leslie Armstrong
In Memoriam -- Mary Luce

Obit -- Victor Oyama

In Memory of Judy Graham

In Memory of Darelene Bain

In Memoriam - John Bautista

Special Section dedicated to Deacon Jack Rhine (1946-2023)

Deacon Jack Rhine at Our Lady of Grace Parish, Palm Bay, Florida

Deacon Jack Rhine Homilies - Part 1
Deacon Jack Rhine Homilies - Part 2
Deacon Jack Rhine Homilies - Part 3a
Deacon Jack Rhine Homilies - Part 3b

Jack Rhine's Life Story
Bonus: Jack & Karen Rhine's 50th Anniversary

George Washington High School Class of 1963 - Yearbook

SF Genealogy Page - GWHS Class of Spring 1963 (names)

GWHS Class of S'63 Commencement Program

GWHS Class of F'62 Commencement Program

Class Pictures: Elementary Schools and Junior High Schools

Roosevelt Jr. High Graduating Class of Spring 1960 Program

Presidio Jr. High (Panthers), 1960 Yearbook (thanks to Rosemary Fitzell)

My visit to our SF schools, by Paul J. Wigowsky (2014)

GWHS Class of Spring 1963 - Then & Now

GWHS Class of 1963 web page created by David Minkin;
includes class directory, in Memoriam, reunions, announcements, etc.

[REVISED GWHS Class of 1963 web page, maintained by Paul J. Wigowsky & Sheldon Wong]

Sheldon Wong and the Bad Motor Scooter 7.0 Band
Published on Jan 1, 2014
I watched Sheldon Wong, classmate from George Washington High School,
perform at Mac's Place in Silverton, OR (New Year's Eve) (They Call Me the Breeze)

Bad Motor Scooter Band performs at Jollie's Lounge, Longview, Washington & other places

Washington Hymn
My Favorite Songs about San Francisco
George Whitsell, GWHS Class of 1963 President
100 years ago -- 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco

GWHS 55th Reunion, April 28, 2018

GWHS 70th Birthday Bash at Irish Cultural Center, SF. Oct.3, 2015

Class of Spring 1963 50-year Reunion

Class of Spring 1963's 50-year "Main Event," the big reunion dinner at Patio Espanol, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, with about 100 alums & guests!
Sheldon Wong: Thanks to all who made the trip. I hope that we can do it again. Keep the party going until there's just two of us left. Last one standing gets to turn out the lights.

Northwest Group (aka "Breakfast Gang") of GW Classmates; Jack Rhine visits

Northwest Breakfast Gang at Kitchen Table in Vancouver, WA (2015)
Northwest Gang at Puffin Cafe, Washougal, WA with Brenda (Mendoza) Crider
Ruth ("Raggy") Hunter visits the Northwest Breakfast Gang
Jacqui Cyrus (from Guam) visits the Northwest Breakfast Gang
Jean (Gregory) Slattery (CA) at Bob's Red Mill (2018)

Tribute to Mike Mathis, our classmate

Veterans Page: GWHS (SF) Class of 1963

Veterans of GWHS Class of 1963
2016: Vietnam Memorial in SF

"We Gotta Get Out of This Place"
Performed by Sheldon Wong's band

George Washington HS murals

Articles, videos, news about the Murals