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My Magnum Opus --  
God in Three Persons: A Spiritual Odyssey
   by Paul J. Wigowsky
Apollonius of Tyana, Yeshua the Nazarene, and Saul of Tarsus –
three intertwined fact-based stories that reveal ancient mysteries
and provide an intriguing new paradigm of the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation).
Part travelogue and puzzle solving, part philosophical and spiritual treatise.

Published February 16, 2007--by Infinity Publishing!


111   “Behold I show you a Mystery”
222   “He reveals deep and mysterious things”
333  Akolasia (Greek) = Licentiousness, Akrasia =Incontinence    
444   Speirema (Gr.) = The Serpent-Coil
555   Epithumia (Gr.) = Desire
666   He Phren (Gr.) = The Lower Mind
777   Stauros (Gr.) = The Cross
888   Iesous (Gr.) = The Higher Mind
999   Epistemon (Gr.) = Intuitively Wise
1000 Ho Nikon (Gr.) = The Conqueror
includes KEY TO THE INITIATED (Apocalypse Unveiled, aka Book of Revelation)

Apocalypse Unveiled & Key to the Initiated (esoteric)

Key to the Initiated (esoteric), stand alone
Key to the Initiated (esoteric), Ukranian Version

God in Three Persons: A Spiritual Odyssey -- Ukrainian version



Three men appeared almost simultaneously on the stage of the first century AD to transform the Roman world:
(1)        Apollonius of Tyana, a Greek philosopher who was a world traveler and “a man who became a god” in the
eyes of the known world.
(2)        Yeshua the Nazarene, a Galilean who became an itinerant teacher and a healer within the Essene
(3)        Saul of Tarsus, a Herodian who wavered between his Jewish background and his Roman political
Apollos, a university professor, travels with his fiancée Sophia to the ancient sites that Apollonius of Tyana visited
in order to prove that the biblical story of Paul was in essence the story of the Greek philosopher.  He visits
Athens, Rome, Alexandria, Ephesus, and other biblical places where the paths of Apollonius and the biblical Paul
Joshua, a tourist to the Holy Land of Israel/Palestine, travels with his spiritual confidante Binah to the sacred sites
associated with the Christian Savior and discovers the true nature of the Messiah.
Saul/Paul travels to “Arabia” and spends three years with Bannus (an ascetic like John the Baptist) and
undergoes a spiritual regenerative process that completely changes him.
Apollos uncovers a secret manuscript called “Key to the Initiated” (supposedly written by Apollonius of Tyana),
which unveils the mysteries of man’s regeneration that are hidden in the Apocalypse or Book of Revelation.
Joshua has visionary experiences of the nature of the Messiah as Melchizedek, the immortal one, Enoch, the
heavenly scribe, Joseph, the dreamer and ruler of Egypt, and various other biblical “types” as he travels from Mt.
Carmel to Jerusalem.
Saul/Paul travels in a Merkabah (chariot of Israel) to Paradise during a culminating experience in the wilderness
of Judea and comes to a knowledge of the true “resurrection of the dead.”
Follow the adventures of these three intertwined stories as the mysteries of man’s journey through life are
unveiled in a historico-religious romance (semi-allegorical narrative) that reads like a spiritual odyssey through
man’s spiritual Self.

God in Three Persons:  A Spiritual Odyssey by Paul Wigowsky is an intriguing and unique exploration of the Book
of Revelation brought into contemporary times.  Part travelogue and puzzle solving, part inspiring story of
romantic and sacred love, and part philosophical and spiritual treatise—each chapter in the book is packed with
scenic wonders, emotional thrills, and solid scholarship.  The author has created memorable characters that
move through time and the sacred sites of the world, weaving ideas, secrets, and souls into a shimmering
-- review by Cathy Pettigrew, a friend

Dedicated to the Memory of
Maestro Salvatore D’Aura   
April 21, 1904 – April 23, 2004

The Life of Apollonius of Tyana, by Philostratus

Apollonius of Tyana Lectures, by Paul J. Wigowsky

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(1) Paul J. Wigowsky wrote a book Freedom For an Old Believer
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Freedom For an Old Believer, by Paul John Wigowsky

a historico-religious romance (semi-allegorical narrative) about three historical persons
who appeared almost simultaneously on the stage of the first century AD to transform the world.
The book is available for purchase at Amazon:
God in Three Persons: A Spiritual Odyssey, by Paul John Wigowsky

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